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Hi! It’s Friday! I hope you all had a great week and are about to have a great weekend as well! Seriously, Thanksgiving is around the corner and my mouth keeps watering just thinking of Thanksgiving dinner! And because the holidays are next door, I know many of us are going to be really busy and tired, and what happens when we’re tired? We get really bad dark circles under our eyes. Well, I have the solution for that problem!

Before I forget, many asked for glam looks for the holidays, so my next videos will be on how to do glam looks for all the holiday parties that are coming up!

In the meantime, here’s how to cover your under eye dark circles!

I know many of you have certain ways of doing your makeup, but if you still keep having trouble concealing those dark circles I’m here to help.

I speak about how maybe your application could be the culprit: if you apply your concealer first, then follow with your foundation, what you’re doing is just moving what you have just concealed with the foundation.  The trick is to put on your foundation first and then apply concealer under your eyes.  This way you’re no longer moving the concealer around at all, you’re actually blending it with your foundation.

Here’s how the concealer should be applied:
The concealer should be applied in an upside down triangle. This way it covers and highlights your cheekbones, deflecting light from the dark circles.

If you have Fair to Medium skin tones the best tones for you are concealers with light pink/peach to pink/peach to salmon to neutralize the darkness. Here are some of my favorite concealers for you.
I like to use Benefit’s Erase Paste or MAC’s Select Cover Up as the neutralizers. For MAC, select shades with NW, which means neutral warm (pink undertone), for the shade.

To highlight I like to use these concealers
MAC’s Pro Longwear Conceal is awesome as a highlighter. Just remember to always purchase the shade in an NC, which means neutral cool (yellow undertone) and it will highlight. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal is just awesome as well.

If you have Medium Deep to Dark Deep skin tone, obviously the concealers that I’ve indicated wouldn’t work for you, so I have my favorite for you as well.
LOVE and swear by MAC’s Studio Conceal and Correct Duo in Burnt Orange and Rich Yellow because it is thee holy grail for anyone that has serious dark circles. I mean, this is it ladies! Also MAC’s Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium Deep and Dark has everything you need to cover up those dark circles. And of course, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal makes the list because it is just that good as well.

Pro Tip: Apply the pink or the orange concealer first, followed by the lighter concealer over it. You want to blend them together at the same time for optimum coverage. 

To set your concealer I highly recommend in using a loose powder like the following
MAC’s Prep + Prime CC Color Correcting Loose Powder in Adjust (left – nude shade) for deeper skin tones and Neutralize (right – yellow shade) for fairer skin tones.

I don’t like to use loose powders like Make Up For Ever HD Setting Powder because they give flashback and that’s how you end up with “ghost face”.

Remember to always moisturize your face, prime, and then apply your foundation followed by the concealer over it. Trust me, you’ll see a drastic difference.

I hope that this has helped you out in perfecting your makeup! I know that once I started doing my makeup this way I saw significant difference in how my makeup looked and how more flawless it looked as well.

If you guys try this method, let me know how it worked out for you!