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Hi Dolls! Oh my gosh, so it’s December already, geez! With all these holidays just creeping up on me, it just makes me a bit more distracted due to holiday decorating, planning, and figuring out what to get a 9 year old. And with that, comes the long nights staying up and figuring it all out. What happens when we don’t get enough rest? We get super dark circles under our eyes, and I have the solution for you.

So what is this? This little concealer is probably the answer to many of your prayers. If you’ve watched my YouTube videos, then you saw me reach for this to apply under my eyes before and after my foundation and make those dark circles disappear. Well, let me give you more info on it so you too can enjoy it!

This orange tint concealer is a concentrate. I’ve been using it for approximately 2 weeks now and I have to say that I am seriously impressed with it! I was really skeptical at first, because just like you, I watch YouTube videos as well and I’ve seen many artists use a variation of this type of concealer under their eyes, whether its in a salmon peachy color, pink color, red, and orange.

In my time using this I have come to actually really love it! I find it best to use it as so:
– Apply under eyes BEFORE you apply your foundation. This should be done after you moisturize your face and apply your primer.
– Once you’ve applied the concealer, depending on how dark your circles are, you can apply the concealer a bit heavier, if you do apply it heavily, make sure to set your concealer with translucent powder so that when you apply your foundation over it, it doesn’t move.
– After applying your foundation, you may or may not see your dark circles. If you do, you can still apply a bit more concealer over your foundation.
– Follow by applying your normal concealers that you would normally use to cover your dark circles. Example: apply moisturizer, primer, NYX concealer, (may or may not need setting powder), foundation, then your normal concealers under your eyes.
– Blend, blend, blend, and set with either a translucent loose powder, a yellow loose powder, or a slightly tinted loose powder. 

I have found that if I apply this corrector as described above I’ve had much better success at truly concealing my super dark circles. Not only that, but this concealer lasts all day!

You can find this concealer at any beauty store or store like Target that sell NYX cosmetics. My best advice? Go to Ulta and purchase it, it’ll cost you under $8.00!!! I promise you that you’ll definitely be reaching for this concealer time and time again because it frankly works!

Have any of you guys tried this? Have you gotten the same results? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know!