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The week is flying by people! Why is it, that when it’s the end of the year, it just seems to go by so fast? But the beginning of the year is nothing like that. I have for you another palette, and this one is really cute! Tarte’s Tartiest Contour Palette is one to try and get your hands on!Sculpt your complexion using this palette’s paint by numbers technique! This all-in-one face slenderizing palette that features six numbered, contouring shades and a step-by-step visual guide so you can seamslessly highlight, correct, contour, and accentuate your best features like a pro. With ultra-soft, satin powders, these shades blend easily to create and add rich, gradual dimension while softening any harsh lines.

The palette contains 6 Contouring shades in Highlight, a matte highlighter; Correct, a yellow correcting powder; Contour, a soft for light to medium skin tones; Contour Deep, for medium to dark skin tones; Accentuate a rosy blush, and Glow, a shimmer highlighter.

This is available now at Sephora and you can purchase it for $45.00.

What do you guys think? I really have only used Tarte like maybe once, and it was just a little sample, so I’m a bit intrigued, but isn’t its caging and numbering cute though?