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Hi Dolls! I hope that you had an amazing holiday or time off with your loved ones, I know I did! I’m sure you all got some pretty awesome gifts, I know I did ;)! As the second to last post of 2015 (eek!) I wanted to make sure it was a good one, so lets get to it! There’s a lot of looks to decide from!

Ok so here we go! I’ll give you guys a brief explanation on how to do it as well!

– Always start with a clean face
– MOISTURIZE! If you have normal/combination skin use normal moisturizer. If you have oily skin make sure to use an oil free moisturizer.
– Use a face primer. If you have oily skin make sure to use an oil control primer
– Apply your foundation/concealer as normal/preferred
– Use eye primer

Now on to the looks!

Ah the very pretty Jessica Alba… see how it’s ok to do a smoky eye with a bold red lip? Very pretty indeed. After priming your lids, apply a soft white/silver/off white eye shadow from the your inner lid to the past the middle of your lid all the up to until you’ve reached your crease and past a bit. Apply a dark grey/soft black/black eye shadow to where the white/silver eye shadow ended and apply it all the way up to your crease, past a bit, and blend it all together from the outer corner to the middle of the crease. Line your eye, top and bottom, and water line with black, and apply a bit of a soft brown eye shadow under your eyes mixed with a bit of black, add lashes if you want and apply 3-4 coats of mascara. Find a red that suits you, whether it’s a glossy or matte color and apply it with a matching lip liner. Soft cheeks and contour et voila! Gorgeous!

Start with a white eye shadow, apply to the entire lid, then take a grey an eye shadow and apply it to your mid crease (the area where your eye folds, the middle portion), afterwards, apply above it, on your crease, a soft brown mixed with a bit of a rosy color. Apply glitter to where the white eye shadow is located at and drag it a bit onto your mid crease. Apply lashes, line your eyes, line your waterline with a black eye liner. Smudge a bit of the dark grey on your bottom lashes and extend it close to your inner corner, and on the inner corner apply white eye shadow. Pair it with a nude/pink/matte/gloss/lipstick and you’re set!

This is such a fun look! Use an eye shadow in a shade that is close to your natural skin tone, make sure that it’s a matte or satin shadow (meaning, no glitter or shimmered eye shadows), and apply it to your entire lid and on your crease use a slightly darker shadow. Line your lid with a black pencil or matte black eye shadow, extending the wing a bit out; line your lower lash waterline as well as your lash line. With a silver glitter eye shadow or liquid liner (you can find them in drugstores or beauty stores) follow the same eye line; apply false lashes, add mascara and you’re done! You can contour and highlight your face to the gods and feel free to use any kind of lip color you like!

The following looks are all golds/dark browns/black and gold glitter, so have those shades ready!

Start with the gold eye shadow and apply it on your lid; apply a dark brown on your mid crease and blend it upwards with a fluffy brush; apply black or a dark brown to your outer corner of your eyes bringing it towards the middle of the lid a bit and blend upwards into the brown, focusing more on extending it a bit outward like in the picture. Take gold glitter (or something similar like loose pigment) and apply it to the gold area, to the crease above your lid, and to your inner corner of your eyes. Line your eyes; line your waterline with black eye liner; apply dark brown eye shadow to your bottom lashes; add mascara. You can do a red, plum, and any dark plum/red to your lips.

Ah, one of my favorite looks! Apply a shimmer gold eye shadow to your lid; right above your lid, starting from your mid crease all the way to your your crease and outer crease, apply a dark brown eye shadow; drag that color onto your lid, inward, a bit. Blend out the dark brown eye shadows really good. Line your eyes, top and bottom; add a bit of gold eye shadow to your inner corner, dragging it a bit to the middle of your bottom lashes, and then add dark brown eye shadow to the rest of your bottom lashes. Apply false lashes, add mascara, and you’re looking pretty!

Ah, another favorite look that I might possibly do for New Year’s Eve. So this is a bit tricky, your really have to know what you’re doing to nail this look! Ok, so start with a gold shimmery eye shadow and place it a bit off center, more closer to your inner corners of your eyes, but not all the way. Extend this to your mid crease and up to your crease. Now take a brown/soft brown and apply it to your crease (this is the light brown that you see on the very top), apply a dark brown eye shadow to your crease and and bring it to your inner corner of your eyes and drag it just a bit onto your lid; using the same dark brown apply it to your outer corners in a triangle shape (as above) and just pack it (term used to describe applying several layers of the same color to make dept) adding a bit of black. Line your eyes with an black eye pencil, line your water line with the same pencil and bottom lashes, and add dark brown eye shadow to your bottom lashes as well. Apply your false lashes and add mascara!

Another gorgeous look! Use alight beige eye shadow and apply it to your inner corners only; apply a brown eye shadow to your lids; a slightly light brown to your mid crease and blend it upwards; mix a brown and a beige eye shadow to your outer crease and blend well. To your outer corners use a dark brown eye shadow or an espresso eye shadow and blend it a bit onto your your lid (reach a bit half way) and blend it all the way up; add a bit of black to to your outer corner to add some depth. Line with liquid liner your lids; line your waterline with black eye liner pencil and on your lash line as well. Apply gold glitter or loose pigment to your bottom lashes (below the black liner). Apply your false lashes, mascara (both top and bottom) and you should be good to go!

So you like this look…. don’t worry, I like it too, it’s just gorgeous and extremely, super easy to do! Apply an eye shadow that is the same color of your entire eyes and then using a slightly darker eye shadow apply it on your outer corner of your eyes and blend it towards your inner corner on your lid. Do a winged liner using a matte black eye shadow, you want to keep this entire look soft, and do the same on your bottom lashes; then apply the darker color that you used on your lids on your bottom lashes; line your waterline with a white or nude eye liner. Apply super wispy eye lashes, use individual if you want on your bottom lashes and apply 2-3 coats of mascara. Your lips should be a shade as close as this or a nude as so, preferably a matte (no shine) color).

Feeling a bit edgy? Try this one! You can find liquid glitter or gel glitter or even cream glitter at almost any drugstore and beauty supply store in an array of colors. I know. I stock up when Halloween approaches or anytime I see them. The best way that you can achieve this glitter double cat eye is by using an angled thin brush and a coarser smaller brush. Apply an eye shadow that is the same color as your skin tone onto your entire lid and mid crease then apply a shade a bit darker with an undertone of grey to your crease. Load your angled brush with the silver or whatever color you feel like doing, and line your eyes with a dramatic and thick cat eye and extend it outwards. Line your bottom lashes the same, but thinner and starting at the middle of your bottom lash and extend it to match your top wing. Apply your lashes, 2 coats of mascara on both top and bottom and bam. You got a dope eyeliner. Hmmm… I think I’ll do this!

I hope you all enjoy these looks and try them out! Tag me on your pictures when you post them to IG using #HauteMakeup! So excited!!!!