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Wow. This year is literally coming to a close.  Sighs… I feel some sort of way: accomplished, invigorated, determined, and even in some sense accomplished. This year has brought on an amazing new adventure in which I could have never really thought it would happened. I moved to New Orleans earlier in the year, I am doing what I love at a company that leads and creates trends, I’m healthier, I’ve had my first giveaway, and I decided to start doing YouTube tutorials by the end of the year until my laptop had a stroke. Through it all you, have been there one way or another and I appreciate it. I look forward to writing each and every post every day and doing videos for you guys. It is pushing me in a direction that I have always been afraid and I love the challenge and how my artistry is advancing.


Thank you for always being there, for liking, reading, peeking, or even for just smiling at my posts when you see the previews. For those that have commented and we’ve had a commentsation (ha see what I did there? lol 🙂 ) thank you for commenting and letting me know that I am indeed not just doing this just because, I do this because I love doing this too.

Here’s to another year of more fun posts, more tutorials, new makeup, and new adventures!