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Alright! The first weekend of the year has arrived and I feel ready for it. Or actually, I am more ready to play with the new makeup 🙂 MAC recently released their new Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour and I had the opportunity to wear it all day today! And now you get to know how it wears and all it’s goodies!

For those who prefer timeless glamour to all out flash, matte reigns supreme. MAC has created an innovation on this classic texture with 15 robustly saturated shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor. Whether you choose the intense fire truck red of Fashion Legacy, the vivid fuchsia of Tailored to Tease or the tantalizing nude of Lady-Be-Good, all these lipcolours promise one thing: a big splash of colour in a liquid-suede finish that transforms lips instantly and lingers, impossible to forget.

I know that I actually didn’t write about these, but, I do have information for you. They are 15 shades:
Fashion Legacy – is an intense fire truck red
Feels So Grand – is a deep true red
High Drama – is a deep dark plum
Dance With Me – is a deep cranberry red
Lady-Be-Good – is a warm mid-tone nude
Tailored to Tease – is a bright fuchsia
Oh, Lady – is a deep wine
Recollection – is an intense bright violet
Quite the Standout – is a bright orange red
To Matte With Love – is a bright raspberry
Personal Statement – is a shocking pink
Divine-Divine – is a light creamy pink
Mademoiselle – is a bright creamy coral
Back in Vogue – is a peachy nude
Rich & Restless – is a mid-tone pinky salmon

Each will cost you $20.00

The colors are actually very true to the pictures above. I swatched them below for you all to see:
The liquid lipstick is a bit on the creamier side and applies quite well, very pigmented, and has a very fast drying time.

I applied High Drama first onto my lips. Let me point out that I did have some Chapstick that I had maybe applied like an hour earlier. After I applied it I waited like maybe 30 seconds and then I applied Recollection over it. The way I applied it was as using High Drama as a lip liner for Recollection.

Pretty cool huh?! I loved the color combination. Here’s another look.

That’s some good lighting! I wore my lips like this from noonish all the way to close to 9p. I will say that this retro matte formula has some serious staying power! I noticed that after it was fully and completely dry it did give my lips a velvety feel. At like around the 2 hour mark I started noticing that color was starting almost to flake off a bit. So I applied a single light as possible coat of both liquid lipstick. My lips stayed this pigmented until I was ready to go home.

The first thing I did the moment I got in my car was wipe it off and this was the result

This was after 1 wipe. I didn’t bother in trying to remove it because my lips felt really dry. Once home I removed my makeup and used a makeup wipe to remove the reminder of the lipstick

My lips were seriously dry, dehydrated, and felt a bit raw. I applied something that would bring them back to life gloriously
Vaseline. I applied it freely on my lips and around my the outer area of my lips as I had my lips over lined.

So what’s the verdict? I really, really, really like the intensity of the formula. It is super pigmented, creamy and fast drying. At first it feels good, but as it starts to dry you can start to feel the tightness on your lips. Once it is fully dry you will feel your lips nice and soft and velvety. As the day continued, even after eating, I realized that I didn’t had the need to reapply it again. It was still there!

But…. I do highly recommend and would say that in order to wear a lip color like this to fully and properly hydrate and exfoliate your lips. Because if you don’t have them exfoliated or at least hydrated then it will wreck a havoc on your lips. You will definitely will want to moisturize them afterwards.

Would this be something I would wear every day? Yes! LOL! I actually do like how that color looks! Would I wear it every day? No. I would wear this lippy maybe once or twice a week. It’s just too drying on my lips and as a girl who loves glossy, moisturized lips, my lips just prefer moisture than dryness.

Have you tried it yet? How do you like it? Did you not like it? Let me know!