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Happy Wednesday everyone! Many of you may know and some may not, but I am a huge nails fanatic. It’s almost a fetish, but not really. I’m that girl that every week has a new nail color, texture, and design on my nails. It’s actually really calming and therapeutic when I do my nails (I do my own nails). So when I stumbled upon Static Nails on Instagram the other day my nail happy heart fluttered and I started following them asap!

What is Static Nails? They are the world’s first reuseable pop-on manicure that you can use over and over again without damaging your own natural nails. These nails go through two inspections before being sent out to make sure that they are of the highest quality and perfect.

They are also partnered with Swarvoski which in turn provide high quality crystals that are applied by hand to each nail!  Also, the collections are all limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone and it also ensures that you get a new design and exclusive manicures.

So how does it work? Each kit includes 12 sizes per hand, 24 in total, to help guarantee you get a perfect fit. For a visual nail size reference, everyone can wear Static Nails. If your nail beds are either on the larger, narrow, or smaller size, you can file the nails down to your perfect fit. You’re to align Static Nail against your cuticle and one side of your finger nail. Press down. If the other side of your natural nail is showing then the nail is too small; if it’s too big you can file it to your size. The actual application lasts like 5 minutes!

Static Nails have a custom formulated, non-damaging glue which bonds like an acrylic, BUT without the damage allowing you a flexible wear time. No maintenance needed.  So you want to take them off? No problem! They will not come off in water alone, you have to physically lift the sides of the nail to pop it off. Best way is to do it before getting out of a hot shower as your natural nail and the Static Nail will be softer. If there is resistance, it just means that it’s not ready to pop off.

Longevity!!!! These nails can be worn up to 18 days straight or reapplied up to 6 separate times lasting 18 days for shorter wear. The amount of glue that you apply determines how long you wear them. Also, you can paint these nails any way you like! All glossy nails can be turned into a work of art. Not feeling the color? You can use nail polish remover and the original color is back with no damage! Note, you’re not to wear these nails over your gel or acrylics due to the glue sticking to them and will take off your gel/acrylic nail and we know that can be painful in itself.

Glue – the most important part! This glue bonds like an acrylic without damaging your natural nails when removed properly. If you want to wear your nails for a few days then only use a thin strip of glue from cuticle to tip, hold for 15 seconds and you’re done! Want to wear them for around a week? Use a pea sized dot of glue and spread it all over the nail and hold for 15-20 seconds. Want to wear it longer? Use a pea sized dot og flue on the back of Static Nail. The glue will dry in about 15 seconds so you have to hold down the nail onto your own nail for 30 seconds.  Say you want to reapply your nails, just apply a small amount of glue to the back of your Static Nail and your nail and press again. Voila!

So… here’s what they offer! Each set comes with a unique suede bag that has a quote on it, 24 nails, a file, buffer, non-damaging glue instructions, and storage.
Each set will cost you anywhere from $14.00 to $38.00 and a refill for glue will cost you $4.00.

You can get your own set by visiting Static Nails, or by purchasing them online at stores like HSN, Beauty, The Cosmetic Space, and Murale for my Canadian people! You can also check them out on their Instagram page StaticNailsOfficial for some really cool ways of wearing them, decorating them, and also checking out how obsessed they are with Smashbox 😉

What do you guys think? I really like this! I mean there are times where I don’t have enough time to do my nails properly and always end up doing something I’m not satisfied, but if I was to use these, the possibilities would be endless! I’d probably be that one customer that orders one of each! LOL! And not probably, I most likely will because I totally want to try them out! So stay tuned in the next few weeks for my review on them!