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Hi Dolls! The weekend eve is in full force today! What do you guys have planned for the weekend? I forgot that this year is Leap Year as well! That’s an extra day to do anything we want! Maybe on this extra day we can try out something fun like Floating Eyeliner!

Wait, floating eyeliner? I know you’re probably thinking that I have lost it. No, just bare with me, it’s a fun trend that I am more than happy to try and I hope you give it a try too!

I’m sure many of you have heard of Buzzfeed right? If you haven’t, I am going to assume that you live in a remote area most likely under a palm tree that has no coconuts and with a dirty beach lol ;). Anytime I’m bored, feeling blah, want a laugh, or just looking for some inspiration Buzzfeed always comes through, and this time, Buzzfeed really came through with this!

So what is the Floating Eyeliner? It’s doing your eyeliner or cat eye on your crease instead of on your lash line like how mostly everyone else does it. Since it’s being done on your crease, it gives the illusion that it’s floating when you close your eyes.

This is a trick that would work best for people that have monolids, but it can also be worn by people who have slightly hooded lids as well! It’s almost like a cut crease!

Blogger Working With Monolids loaded step by step photos on how to achieve this onto Imgur stating:

The trick is just to keep your eyes open and draw the floating liner as if your eye line is the same as your lash line

Sounds easy enough right!? Not only can you achieve a floating liner by following what she said, but you can also focus the liner on your outer corners and blend it into your eye shadow like so

How gorgeous is that!? The more I keep seeing this the more I want to try it, and you know that I will! If you think that the floating liner is too much and you’d like to try this look! You can do this look with any color as well! Here’s quick instructions on how to achieve this look:
-prime your lids
– create your wing with your liquid/gel liner (remember to do this with your eyes open so you can achieve the exact look)
– fill in slightly the winged area and start blending it lightly inward towards the middle of your lid/crease
– start blending the eye shadow of your choice. Start with the darker tone (you can mix the shades to achieve the shade you like) and blend it into your inner corner until it’s the lightest
– line your eye with a super thin line*
– apply same eye shadow to your lower lids and apply black liner to your water line
– add some falsies and mascara!
Quick and easy!
Note: You don’t have to line your lid, just remember that if you’re wearing falsies you’ll want to hide the lash band really well by lining your eye slightly and thinly to make sure that the lash band is hidden

Here’s another way that you can wear this look

I would highly suggest that you play around first and perfect it and then let the world see how dope your eyes look!

I don’t have monolids, but do have slightly hooded lids and the second eye look is actually something I can pull off, but you know me, I want to give that floating liner a try, so I’ll be trying it out very soon and uploading pictures of it to my Instagram!

Cool trend or no? What do you guys think? I really like this way of doing eye liner!