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Happy Friday Dolls! Are you all ready for the weekend? I know some of you started having your weekend yesterday, don’t lie, I know! I bet right now you have some serious dark circles under your eyes as well, don’t lie! Don’t worry though, because if you’re like me and suffer from dark circles or have redness or dark spots on your beautiful face Becca is going to save us all!

How many of you had heard of Becca before? Raise your hands? Ok good! How many did not? *slowly raises hand*. I know, I know, shame on me! But I’m there now and the rest is in the past ;)! A few weeks ago I first read about Becca’s new Blacklight Targeted Colour Corrector through Refinery29 when it featured it along with Youtube blogger Deepica Mutyala who suffers from really dark circles and was using an almost red/orangy lipstick as her corrector under her eyes in order to brightened them. She wasn’t given a sample to try, but Refinery29’s Director of Product Marketing Benish Shah put it to the test and without hesitation when she was asked if she would use it again she said Yes!

Well, duh I’m going to want to try this as well!

So what is it?This highly pigmented formula targets and adheres to specific areas of concern, while light-reflecting pearls impart subtle luminosity that help to blur imperfections. Instead of trying to cover dark circles and hyperpigmentation, this pigment-rich targeted colour corrector actually neutralizes discoloration in a light-reflecting formula that blurs imperfections and works underneath the foundation and/or concealer to create an even-tone, perfected and beautiful complexion.

These are the shades and what their purpose is:Pistachio – neutralizes redness common around nose and lips
Violet – neutralizes dullness common in the center of the face
Peach – neutralizes dark circles and hyperpigmentation common on high points of the face
Papaya – neutralizes deep blue and green common under eyes and tattoos

You can purchase this at Becca Cosmetics, Sephora, and Ulta and each will cost you $30.00.

Since reading about it, I’ve been looking for it at my local Sephoras (yes, plural lol) and no one has had them until just last week! Of course I could have very easily ordered it online but I am a firm believer, especially when it comes to tackling my dark circles, in trying it out first before buying it and having to return it. So finally after almost checking weekly at Sephora to see if they had it I was able to get my hands on a sample of it!!!

When I first opened it while at Sephora I noticed that the texture of it is more like a gloss with a semi sheer papaya tint to it and it was a bit tacky, very gloss like.  Today I will actually be using it for the first time and I can’t wait! I really hope it works because this would save me trying out so many other products and layering on concealer upon peach concealer upon concealer under my eyes.  I’ll be posting the picture of the results on my Instagram so make sure to follow or look me up!

I will give you guys a full review on it by next week as I have enough to last me to next week, so I’ll be using it every chance I get!

Have you tried this before? How did you like it? Let me know!