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Hi Dolls! The weekend is almost here! This weather is seriously wrong. Two days ago it was just perfect, yesterday a bit chilly…. today? it’s cold. But even with this weather just not making up it’s mind, we know that Spring is almost here and with it, this new collection that is only going to be available at Sephora!

Rule breaker. Risk taker. Estee Lauder built her beauty empire by preaching “Beauty is an Attitude”. Now The Estee Edit brings you new beauty attitudes, inspired by Estee, curated by our Guest Editors of the moment – created by You. Wear it. Share it. Own it. #BeautyAttitudes

The Edit Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition
Use these fourteen shades to shape, highlight, and transform your eyes with satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes. Plus, The Edit EyeShadow Palette has two shade transformers with Black Light Technology for a glistening glow-in-the-dark effect. Use the transformer shades on top of any shadow for extra shimmer during the day and a look that turns up the intensity under black light. All shadows in the eye shadow palette are brush and fingertip friendly. This palette contains:
– 6 eye shadows in satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes
– 6 eye shadows in satin, pearl, and sparkle finishes
– Shade Transformer in Rays Sparkle
– Shade Transformer in Silver Sparkle
This palette will cost you $48.00.

The Barest Blush
Create a gorgeous flush of color with The Barest Blush. It’s infused with micronized pigments and sunflower seed oil to create even, natural-looking color. The shades are:
First Lover
Coy Coral
Purr Pink
Ember Glow
Each will cost you $28.00.

Metallishadow Creme + Powder
Create a heavy metal eye look that will stand out with these shadow finishes. It features a high-pigment cream eye shadow in the cap that’s the perfect base for the loose metallic powder in the package bottom. Layer these shadows for intense depth and an eye-catching foil finish. Or, just wear the metallic shadow alone on the face and eyes for a light, shimmering eye look. The shades are:
Black Star
Aqua Nova
Scarlet Eclipse
Each will cost you $25.00.

Flash Illuminator
Highlight and hydrate. This high-impact, oil-free highlighting cream is like your best light in a bottle. It instantly illuminates skin while providing skin care ingredients like the moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid. The shades are:
Spot Light – pearly white that adds a soft focus highlight
Morning Light – golden highlight
Sun Light – warm terra cotta glow
Day Light – rosy hue that can double as a blush
Night Light – bronzy color that can double as a contouring cream
Each one will cost you $28.00.

The Barest Lip Color
The Barest Lip Color cushions your lips with a luxurious feel and nude color. Muru muru butter helps hydrate and real flower petal waxes from rose, jasmine, and lavender create a silky texture. The shades are:
Au Naturel – light beige
In The Flesh – beige
Exposed – rose beige
So Bare – medium dark beige
In The Buff – brown
Nude Scene – chocolate
Each will cost you $22.00.

Mattified Lipstick
Get full-coverage and high-impact color in one swipe with Mattified Lipstick. Infused with 20 percent conditioning oils, including jojoba oil, it leaves a luxurious and light finish. The shades are:
Miss You – peach orange
Sunday Vibe – beige
Maybe Later – cool pink
On Point – brown
Just Sayin’ – pink
Smash – purple
ABT Last Night – plum
Wrapped – dark plum
The Storm – teal
Killin’ It – orange
You’re Welcome – red
Marroned – burgundy
Each one will cost you $22.00.

Lip Flip Shade Transformer
Transform any shade of lipstick to get your perfect hue—yellow brightens, black deepens. It’s your favorite lipstick’s alter ego. Paint like a true artist, as Lip Flip Shade Transformer allows you to blend a custom color all your own and create a look no one else can get their hands on. Use it to double or triple your current lip wardrobe and create two new shades for each lip color you own. Lip Flip features a delicious vanilla mint scent. The shades are Turn Up and Turn Down and each will cost you $22.00.

What do you guys think of the entire collection? I want to be impressed and I am, especially with the Lip Transformers! That is just pretty cool though don’t you think? I don’t know if the yellow will actually brighten it up, but that’s why we go and test them out right? 😉 #ShoppingExcuse