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Hi! Guess what day it is! :). Spring is 10 days around the corner and I couldn’t be happier! The warm weather will be here a lot more permanently instead of sporadic. And with that means that we get to change our beauty routine: from skin care to our foundations to colors. Enter Jill Stuart!The brilliance of the sun grows with each passing day. Beneath the soft rays of light, feel the gentle breeze comfortably stroking your cheek as a spring to make your heart dance finally arrives.

In accordance with the changing of the seasons, you’ll want to select base makeup that lightly, gently protects and beautifies your skin. Slipping into this delicate veil of pure color, so soft and gentle, realizes an overflowing feeling of translucency. Skin that sparkles like crystal brings you a heightened feeling of innocence.

Obtain skin so brilliant to outshines even the sun and that first step you take outside will feel completely different. Like a balloon drifting through the sky, carried only by the wind. You will surely arrive in your own unique world, brilliant and sparkling.

1Jill Stuart Airy Tint Watery CC Cream SPF 30 – Limited Edition

For cherry blossom skin long after spring has passed. CC cream brings you fresh and translucent finish. A limited edition design using textiles decorated with a scattering of red and other colored flowers. In 01 Light Floral Beige and 02 Natural Floral Beige.

Jill Stuart Lasting Tint Control Base SPF 35 – Limited Edition
Makeup base that retains freshly applied color while bringing out the best of your face. A strikingly elegant design, featuring a bottle with a silver cap and pearl decorations. A limited edition design using textiles decorated with a scattering of red and other colored flowers. The shades are:
01 Fresh: pink – for those seeking a natural flushed tone
02 Natural: beige – for those with concerns about discoloration, freckles and bags
03 Translucent: light green – for those worried about redness on their cheeks or dullness

Jill Stuart Crystal Lucent Face Powder SPF 20 
A soft and gentle veil of translucency. Face powder that brings you pure, flushed skin. The compact design is a brilliant cut and decorated with a wreath of crystal flowers. One of the flowers sparkles with a Swarovski rhinestone. The three limited edition powders will give you the following finishes:
01 Natural – a natural beige that blends perfectly into your skin (non-pearl), provides natural and even coverage
02 Lucent – cold pastel colors that draw out translucency (non-pearl), translucent
03 Petal ShowerLimited Edition – cute and pure pink pastel color, a feminine pink

The collection was just released on March 4th and as much as I looked and searched, I was not able to find a true price for each. After searching online the average price of things were from $40.00 – $75.00 if you’re interested in purchasing these items.

I think this collection is really cute, package wise. I don’t know though if this would be something I would use. I feel like everything is for fairer skin tones and I would just look like a disco ball LOL!