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One more day and the weekend is going to be here again! Ok, I feel like the days are starting to just go by again, hey days, slow down there a minute! I’ve let you guys know about Becca’s under eye corrector, Tarte’s color corrector and today I’m letting you know about Lancome’s CC Primer Miracle CC Cushion.A color correcting primer in a cushion compact that instantly provides weightless color correction of any skin coloration concern and hydration for a bright, flawless complexion. The Color Correcting Primer features a perfectly pigmented formula that allows for buildable coverage to spot correct imperfections or all over correction. Available in four shades:
Purple – cancels dullness and sallowness and neutralizes yellow skin tones
Pinky Peach – neutralizes overall darkness and conceals dark under eye circles
Green – neutralizes redness from acne, blotchy skin, or irritation
Yellow – the universal color corrector, matches any skin tone, neutralizing mild redness, dullness, and signs of fatigue.

Each is formulated with pine extract to correct uneven skin tone, glycerin for hydration and glow and it leaves a fresh cooling sensation on your skin.

Each will cost you $39.50 and you can get it at any high end department store, Lancome, Ulta, and Sephora.

I feel like these beauty companies are barely catching up with the color correcting thing. I feel like they’re late in the game and now they’re trying to catch up by almost over saturating the market. Where have all these beauty gurus been? Don’t you agree?