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Hi! Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mexican and Hispanic mothers! I hope today is also a day where you’re more than cherished and spent with your loved ones! For those of you that know Pat McGrath, her Skin Fetish 003 is a highlight that is just out of this world! And guess what? It’s available today…. at Sephora!

Turn your skin on with Skin Fetish 003 and transcend your look. Experiment with an array of exquisite effects—from bare, to dewy, to stunning luminosity—beyond the spectrum. This kit is packed with backstage secrets so you can pull off seductive, sublime skin. Take highlighting to the next dimension with this addictive trio’s incandescent pigment, buffer brush, and dual-ended Shiny Stick™. It includes a lustrous highlighter on one end and beautifying balm on the other to amplify and accentuate your best features.

The shades are Nude (top) includes Shiny Stick highlighter, balm duo, 003 Pigment, and Buffer 003 brush. Golden (bottom) includes Shiny Stick highlighter, balm duo, 003 Pigment, and Buffer 003 brush.

Each will cost you $72.00 and they are limited edition and you can get them online at Sephora right now!

If you know Pat McGrath and her new makeup line, you know that these are some seriously potent highlighters! When I ordered Gold 001 I was beyond surprised as to how pigmented it was and I mix it with all my other highlighters when I really want a serious pop! So can you imagine how this one will be? I hope you all have your credit cards ready!