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Hi Dolls! I hope that today goes by smoothly and quickly! I mean the weekend is practically here and festive, good moods are needed all around! And you know what always puts me in a good mood? New collections of course!

Normally, when new collections are going to be released, there will be an official sneak peek of the collection in social media, either from the company directly or from a spokesperson.  As a MAC Artist, I can say that this sneak peek of the new Spellbinder palette came as a surprise because of how it was introduced along with a few other items.

Obviously you can’t see the product, which is a bummer for you guys! I’ve seen this palette already and played with it and it’s awesome! I did not post about it because we’re not supposed to until further down road.

I know there is no more other information that I can give you, but I can say that you will like the collection and they will be shades that you will be using over and over again! We just have to be patient and wait until October.