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Happy Friday Dolls! The weekend is finally here! I hope you guys have some fun plans! I’d say that I have plans to go to a music festival but….. I’ll be doing makeup all weekend and it’s been thundering and raining since last night, so I think I’ll pass and stay inside and play with this little mini MAC haul ;)!

As a MAC Artist, we definitely get some pretty cool perks, like access to all the collections before anyone else does or we get a new collection item for us to play and review! This week alone I’ve been playing with some items and I’ll be writing a review about them.

Let’s start with the new Prep + Prime Highlighters!
This is a pen-style highlighter that brings a soft, sheer wash of color to the skin adding radiance where you want it. You can use it over your makeup as a highlight or under your makeup to brighten and prime. I’ve been playing with this for the past week and so far I like it, but I have to try it in different ways as well.

Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Sticks
I told you about these color sticks a while ago and how good they applied as well as how they did not budge at all! Well, I can safely say that they do not move once they’re on…. but… I noticed something, although maybe it was just me. So I’m going to keep playing with this before I write a full review on it.

Vibe Tribe
Oh. Em. Gee! I told you guys about Vibe Tribe also a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to get this gorgeous beauty!!! I actually purchased this and I couldn’t be more happier. The highlight is just as gorgeous as how it looks! I also received the Arrowhead matte lipstick and the Yellow Topaz cream color base highlight and they’re also pretty cute! I got the opportunity to wear all three of them yesterday and I have to say that the lipstick is a chameleon in a tube because you can change the outlook of it with a simple lip liner and the cream highlight just added more of a bang!

Keep posted, I’ll have full reviews and video reviews for each one in the following days!