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Hi Dolls! Thursday is here and practically the end of July as we know it. And pretty much, August is here, another 2 more months of heat and humidity! What’s more, there are new lipstick shades that we all need to get our hands on from Make Up For Ever!Make Up For Ever’s Artist Rouge is a new, expertly curated lipstick collection offered in in 45 show-stopping shades. Packaged in new signature packaging, the lipstick is available in two simple, but beautiful finshes – 31 lustrous creams and 14 velvety mattes. The range only features the best reds, nudes, pinks, berries and artistic lipsticks, providing everyone with the most flattering shades for their skin tones.

Some shades are limited edition and by Icona Pop as well! Here are the shades:
C-103 is a nude beige satin
C-104 is a praline beige satin
C-105 is grege beige satin
C-106 is pink beige satin
C-107 is mocha beige satin
C-108 is hazel beige satin
C-205 is baby doll pink satin
C-206 is pink satin
C-207 is fuchsia pink satin
C-208 is magenta pink satin
C-209 is tender pink satin
C-210 is petal pink satin
C-211 is rose wood satin
C-302 is beige coral satin
C-303 is orange coral satin
C-304 is orange satin
C-305 is intense coral satin
C-306 is pink coral satin
C-403 is vermilion red satin
C-404 is passion red satin
C-405 is stage red satin
C-406 is brown red satin
C-407 is black red satin
C-502 is taupe violet satin
C-503 is mauve violet satin
C-506 is dark purple satin
C-600 is white satin
C-601 is peacook green satin
C-602 is turquoise blue satin
C-603 is midnight blue satin by Icona Pop – limited edition
C-604 is black satin
M-100 is cream beige matte
M-101 is caramel beige matte
M-102 is pink brown matte
M-200 is powder pink matte
M-201 is blue pink matte
M-202 is candy pink matte
M-203 is neon pink matte
M-204 is raspberry pink matte
M-300 is red orange matte
M-301 is poppy orange matte
M-401 is hot red matte by Icona Pop – limited edition
M-402 is brick red matte
M-500 is wine violet matte
M-501 is plum violet matte

They are all available now at Sephora and at Make Up For Ever online as well, each will cost you $22.00.

I really love the packaging! It’s a bit different for them and I really like it a lot! The shades are also fun and I like the fact that they’re satin instead of matte for the most “loud” or bright colors, I myself prefer satin finishes over matte, but I also know the importance of lasting lipstick and that’s where your mattes come in.