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Guess what day it is?! It’s hump day! Middle of the week everybody, before we know it, it is again the weekend! And because it is the weekend, how many of you will take advantage of it and go bowling? Well, if you don’t get to go bowling, then you’ll at least like this collection from MAC!

Head straight to the fast lane and have a ball with M∙A∙C It’s a Strike! A range of Lipstick and Cremesheen Glass is racked in red. Rich eye shadow and Fluidline Pen shades will have everyone begging to join your league, while easy hues of Casual Colour are right up anyone’s alley. Practice a clean follow-through with three creamy colors of M∙A∙C Studio Nail Lacquer. Finally, knock them all down with the luminous allure of new Pearlmatte Face Powder.

Pearlmatte Face Powder – Limited Edition
Casual Colour – Limited Edition
This limited edition beauty powder features a bowling ball and pins that actually give you a subtle highlight/glow, the name, appropriate so, is Trophy and it will cost you $27.00.

The Casual Colour blushes are Have A Lovely Day! which is a neutral nude and Blind Score which is a dirty reddish lilac. Each will cost you $23.00.

The shades are:
Honeylove – light beige toned with rose matte (repromote)
Flat Out Fabulous – bright plum retro matte (repromote)
All Fired Up – bright fuchsia retro matte (repromote)
Perfect Score – deep red matte
Bowl Me Over – deep burnt brown retro matte Online Exclusive Only
Liquid Lurex – tarnished gold dazzle (repromote)
Babes and Balls – deep burgundy matte
Each will cost you $17.00.

The shades are:
Gutter Gal – off-white grey matte
Bowlarama – bright lime green satin
Bowl Out – mid-tone grey matte
300 Game – blackened cherry matte
Join My League? – dark espresso matte
Carbon – intense black matte
Each will cost you $16.00.

Cremesheen Glass – Limited Edition
The shades are:
It’s A Strike – soft nude pink
King Pin – deep chocolate mauve
Throw A Spare – fuchsia with pearl
Right Up My Alley – dark red
Spare Me – dark purple
Each will cost you $21.00.

Studio Nail Lacquer – Limited Edition
The shades are:
Rack ‘Em Up – cool deep khaki cream
5 Pin – deep wine cream
Baby Split – sheer lime green cream
Each will cost you $13.00.

The entire collection will be available on the 18th of August and in September for International clients.

I have to say, the beauty powder is something really cute and it gives a very healthy dose of natural highlight but for those that might be on the slight oily side, if not applied properly might have you looking a bit shinier, and not in the pretty way. Other than that, the entire collection is adorable and the colors just great!