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Hi Dolls! Happy Monday! Are you all ready for the holidays? I sort of am, just getting everything ready for the cook off! And because normally Thanksgiving week is a short week work wise and more family filled, I wanted to make these week’s posts more fun! And with that said, let me take you back to the 90’s with Sigma Beauty’s new Holographic Lip Switch!

Lip Switch holographic lip glosses are prismatic and light-weight, adding a dimensional new layer to your favorite lip color. Wear the translucent shades alone for high shine with an eye-catching surprise when the light hits your smile.

The shades are:
Double Whammy – green and lavender duo-chrome
Flip-Flop – fiery orange holographic finish
Other Worldly – frosty green gloss
Pink Lotus – bold, prismatic pink
Transcend – cool, purple opal tones

Here are some cool videos from Instagram to show how cool these are!



They are available at Sigma Beauty online only and each will cost you $14.00 and at the moment they are sold out, but keep checking back!

I wish I would have seen this before, I would have definitely purchased some!


All pictures courtesy of Sigma Beauty’s Instagram