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Hi Dolls! Yesterday I was nominated by Ayesha from Munirachowdhury for the Real Neat Blog Award and just wanted to show my appreciation and much thanks! There were some questions that she asked:

  1. What is the best thing that have happened to you today?
    I was given the gift of life once again and I woke up next to my love
  2. Do you believe in faith?
  3. If you were given chance, which time of your life you would like to go back and why?
    To the early 50-60’s to fight for better rights than what we have now
  4. What are your favorite snacks?
    Any Mexican candy, fruit, and Cool Ranch Doritos – I’m addicted
  5. Do you have any hobbies?
    This blog and I dabble on different type of creative crafts
  6. Which time of the year do you like most and why?
    I’d have to say Summer because it’s not cold but the Holiday season because holidays and family and food!
  7. If you could meet to a super hero, who would you like to meet?
    Iron Man!

With that I introduce to you Shay Mitchell x Smashbox’s Cover Shot Eye Palette!

Cover Shot: Eye Palettes swipe on highly pigmented, beyond blendable color for endless eye looks.

Smashbox popped in two bigger base shades so you won’t run out of basics before you’ve used all the high-impact accent colors

You’ll be obsessed with the velvety, wearable quality of these shadows—not to mention the hot new eye looks they inspire.

Golden Hour

Finishes range from matte to sparkle, and the sultry, golden shades are rich and creamy

Captures the warmth of the desert in a range of sun-drenched shades

Highly-pigmented, myriad of saturated, standout shades

Shades of gold, rose gold, bronze, copper, and pewter

Champagne and rose-inspired colors to highlight the eyes with low-level shimmer

Mid-to-darker tones amp up intensity with a blend of matte, low-shimmers, and high-shimmer

Shades in warm nudes, cool mauves, and a deep, dramatic black

They are available at Sephora TODAY ONLY and they will cost you $29.00!!!

I’m picking up Matte for sure today but I can’t decide in between Bold and Golden Hour! Help!

Here are the blogs I nominate: Styled By Lauren, Fashion For Lunch, Beaushion Diva, Charnelle Geraldine, and She.

My questions are:
– What inspired you to start your blog?
– Favorite pair of heels?
– What’s your best makeup trick you swear by?
– What book are you currently reading?
– What is your favorite calming routine?
– Quick! You have $50 and only 5 mins at Target, what do you get?
– Which Alexander would you choose? Wang or McQueen? Why?