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Hola! Don’t forget that Tacos are a vital part of daily delicious intake, so make sure to indulge in them! 😉 Another thing that I know us ladies can’t get enough of are lippies and Makeup For Ever is delivering us some Acrylips!

The Artist Acrylip is a versatile lip formula inspired by the high pigment of acrylic paint. The stunning colors glide on with the ease of a gloss and the wear time of a lipstick. Ranging from a soft wash of color to an intensely layered look, the non-sticky, non-drying formula feels completely weightless for optimal comfort. The innovative cushion applicator delivers 10 captivating shades with precision.

The shades are:
Candy Pink (200)
Fuchsia Pink (201)
Coral Pink (202)
Orange (300)
Poppy Orange (301)
Iconic Red (400)
Raspberry Red (401)
Lilac (500)
Eggplant (501)
Dark Purple (600)

These will be available come Spring exclusively to Sephora and each will cost you $24.00.

I know that this is already for Spring, don’t sleep on this because this could be released come January, so if I were you I would keep a close eye on Sephora and/or Sephora.