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Happy Hump Day! This week has been feeling long and just like it’s dragging… at least that’s how it’s been feeling for myself. Are you done with your holiday shopping? Are you feeling the pinch yet? Well, H&M’s new beauty items won’t break your bank!

Shimmer Drops
Precious Peach (top) and Midas Touch (bottom) each will cost you $9.99.

Lip Gloss Set
In Burgundy and Gold (top) and Rimefrost And Rose (bottom), each will cost you $17.99.

Chameleon Eye Colour Palette
This eyeshadow palette will cost you $24.99.

False Lashes
Bravura (top) Trio Flare (bottom) and each will cost you $5.99.

Glow-to-Glow Highlighter Stick
Champagne Pearl (top) Rose Quartz (bottom) each will cost you $9.99.

Blush/Highlight Palette
This limited edition features a dual purpose blush and highlighter palette for on the go! Comes with 3 blushes and 3 highlighters shades in matte and shimmer finishes. This palette will cost you $17.99.

Glitter Mascara/Eyeliner
Colorful, sparkling gel eyeliner AND mascara in one! Infused with fine glitter, the long-lasting, lightweight formula adds eye-catching shimmer to any look.  Shades are:
Andromeda (1st), Moonstruck (2nd), Starlight (3rd), Nebula (4th) and each will cost you $6.99.

These are all available now but will only be available for the holiday season. I’ll be checking these out during lunch today and I can’t wait!