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Happy freezing cold Monday! It’s one thing for the mornings to be cold, but a light mist mixed with a wind chill of 30 degrees is not how I like to start my week! Make sure you bundle up! We all love a good retro matte lipstick with super staying power and MAC delivers on that… another thing they’re going to be giving us? A shade extension on this awesome liquid lipstick!

For those who prefer timeless glamour to all-out flash, matte reigns supreme. The MAC innovation on this classic texture is back with 12 new saturated shades of retro matte liquid lipcolour in on-trend muted and deep tones. Each promise one thing: a big splash of colour in a liquid-suede finish that’s impossible to forget.

The shades are:
Carnivorous – blackened red
Young Attitude – blackened teal
Dash O’Spice – yellow beige
Ess-Presso – deepened chocolate brown
Simply Smoke – brown taupe
Flesh Stone – greyed neutral brown
Cafe Au Chic – grayed beige
Burnt Spice – creamy dirty rose
So Me – greyed plum
Topped With Brandy – deep dirty rose
Uniformly Fabulous – blackened grape
Chocotease – warm chocolate brown

Each will cost you $26.00 and some in store locations will have them available on December 26th! Check your local MAC to know when they’ll be available in your area as some markets they won’t be available until January.

I’ve tested all of these already and if you like the 90s vibe you’re definitely going to love this collection.  One of my favorite shades is Flesh Stone. If you know Stone lipstick it’s a shade slightly lighter than the lipstick and it is gorgeous!!! The shades are literally the same as the colors in the wardrobe that the models are wearing in the promo picture. Just a piece of advice, if you’re like me and your lips don’t like matte lipsticks, this collection is a collection in which I would sacrifice my lips to!