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Another year is leaving us today… I have to say thank you to all of you that have read, liked, commented, and participated in this blog that is a pure hobby out of my love of all beauty and makeup.

This year I did my first big giveaway and I had started doing Youtube videos… until my laptop went kaput and decided to have a life of it’s own leaving me behind 😦 and it limited me on them, which has been such a bummer! This year was difficult, shocking, a lot of SMH moments, pettiness, and well, just all around 2016 was one for the books.

I hope that this year has put things into prospective and makes you realize how much you love yourself.  You have to love yourself to move forward and you can’t let fear get in the way of doing what you love.

That is my motto for 2017: Don’t let fear get in the way of doing what you LOVE.

Much love, prosperity, happiness, and joy