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Yay! It’s Thursday! Seriously, why do long weekends, especially holiday weekends, always make the short work week feel so long? Regardless, it’s the weekend eve and I couldn’t be happier! Something that I’ll be doing during this weekend is heading over to Ulta to check out this new Swiss makeup line by Werner Kauffman called Bronx Colors!

Werner and his team set out to create an inclusive makeup line that would cater to all skin tones and genders.  With their motto being

Professional makeup made for everyone

and it really is made for everyone.  The line consists of eyeshadow palettes, concealers, HD powders and the prices average around $12.00.

Angel Dust Palette
With this magnificent Bronx Colors Angel Dust Palette metal case, you get the perfect color choice for a smokey or natural look.

This will cost you $14.99 and it’s an online exclusive.

Only Men Cover Mat
Bronx Colors Men Cover Mat is a premium product specifically developed for men to eliminate undesirable shine caused by oily skin surfaces. This ultra-sheer powder leaves the skin smooth and refined. This powder blends easily with all skin tones for a clean, natural finish. It is a translucent pressed powder and will not add color to your complexion.

This will cost you $11.99 and it’s an online exclusive.

Matte Lip Tint
This top seller Bronx Colors Matte Lip Tint exceeds your expectations for the pigmented performance of a lipstick, creamy moisture of a gloss and richness of a balm. It also delivers natural-looking color for a soft, matte finish that will stay throughout your busy day. It covers your lips with intense color, while keeping lips hydrated and soft, to get the ultimate lip look.

The shades are: Dark MauvePink FuchsiaBegoniaCandy PinkCoral SorbertPale BeigeBlossomRed Wine, and Hot Red.

Each will cost you $7.50 and at the moment it is also an online exclusive.

Touch The Skyline Palette
This Bronx Colors Touch the Skyline Palette is inspired by the variety of colors from the city and the magic attraction of the New York Skyline.

This will cost you $6.50 and it is also an online exclusive.

Gel Liner Pot
This formula of the Bronx Colors Gel Liner Pot glides on like butter and dries to a matte finish.

This will cost you $9.50 and it’s an online exclusive.

Medium Precision Blending Sponge
This Bronx Colors Medium Precision Blending Sponge can be used to apply makeup bases and foundations. The sponge is amazingly adapted to all facial contours. The tiny point at the top can softly be worked in around your eyes and nose, while the round bottom forms perfectly to the jaw line. The round side is adapted to any face type.

This will cost you $6.50.

Boosting Hydrating Concealer
Bronx Colors Boosting Hydrating Concealer is a hydrating, silky liquid concealer with a flawless and brightening effect. The Boosting Hydrating Concealer minimizes dark circles and is long-lasting with invisible coverage.

The shades are: BeigeMediumTanNutmegOrangeLilac, and Green

Each will cost you $5.99.

Men Bright Eye
Brighten up your eyes! Need your tired eyes to pop and look more charming and alive, especially when you are not so much yourself? Using Bronx Colors Men Bright Eye under your eyes is one of the greatest tricks. Many people have dark circles under their eyes and want something covering them up. The shade is in Nude.

This will cost you $7.50.

I would highlight suggest that you head on over to Ulta online and check on all of their products!

Ok so who wants to try the products that are targeted for the men?! Raises hand. I want to see the coverage and I most definitely want to try the mattifying powder, I feel like it’s going to be really good, much better than the ones that are targeted for women. Of course, I’m going to check the ingredients first because if they are the same, then there’s no need to spend money… don’t you think?