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Thirsty Thursday! Yay! The weekend is pretty much here! And the fact that it’s another holiday weekend makes it that much better! A few years ago Christian Louboutin delved into the beauty department with lipsticks and then headed on to nail lacquers. Here’s their new collection: Loubichrom Mini Nail Lacquers!

The polishes bottle the ultra-luxurious qualities of Specchio, a laminated leather with a mirror-like quality, loved by Christian Louboutin for its ability to capture light and take on new dimension. Infused with light-reflecting pigment pearls, the new colors deliver a playful chrome finish on nails. Highly pigmented, nails appears dipped in liquid metal. In energetic shades of candy red, lime green and magenta, Christian Louboutin imbues the typically more edgy look of metallic nails with a spirited feminine charm. For the first time, Christian Louboutin introduces individually sold miniature bottles of his beloved Nail Colour formula. Led by the designer’s inclination to mix and match, each one is housed in a multicolored chrome box featuring a combination of all three shades. The middle partition of the box reveals the shade inside. Each bottle is crowned with the brand’s signature calligraphy-style cap in a distinctive iridescent finish, another first for the brand. The motif changes when viewed at different angles, almost like a hologram.

They will cost you $30.00 and expect these to sell out super quick! So if I were you I’d head on to your high end department stores!