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Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was good and relaxed and just productive.  I definitely needed the weekend to catch up on some much needed rest since I’ve been trying not to get sick with this crazy weather! Charlotte Tillbury’s makeup line is one that many love and this new palette will make you fall for her as well!

Following on from the sell-out success of the ‘Instant Look In A Palette: Natural Beauty’, comes Charlotte’s NEW ‘Instant Look In A Palette: Seductive Beauty’! It’s all you need to dramatically enhance, seduce and mesmerise with your eyes all year round. Perfect for evening dates and glittering parties, this is makeup MAGIC to transform you from dusk ‘till dawn!


1. Eye Prime –Prime the eye by applying the Eye Brighten shade all over the lid using your Blender Brush in a windscreen wiper motion. This is a youthful rose-gold eyeshadow that colour-corrects and preps the eye.

2. Eye Enhance – Use the soft-gold Enhance shade to add an elongating, seductive contour to the eye. Apply it to the outer socket using your Blender Brush.

3. Eye Smoke – Give sexy definition to your smokey eye by using the molten chocolate-bronze shade along the upper eyelid. You can also run it under the lower lash line using your Smudger Brush to intensify the gaze.

4. Face Bronzer – Next, create a beautiful contour to the skin with my sculpting Face Bronze. Simply suck in the cheeks and follow the hollow!

5. Cheek Swish – For a healthy, just-kissed blush, apply the soft pink Swish shade straight to the apples of the cheeks and blend upwards in a circular motion.

6. Cheek Pop – Apply the rosier Pop shade directly onto the apples of the cheeks for a youthful blush colour – as if you’ve just been kissed!

7. Face Highlighter – Drip the candlelight Highlight shade along the tops of the cheekbones, and temples for a seductive glow!

This is an Online Exclusive and you can only get it at at Charlotte Tillbury online and it is going to cost you $75.00.

So, I still haven’t tried her line… and really the only reason being is because I’m a firm believer of sampling first before buying and the only place that has Charlotte Tillbury only carries a limited amount and frankly is none of the things that I want to try. With that said, I have heard from friends that have her products that they are a dream to work with! Everything is very pigmented and long lasting! If you have tried her line, how do you like it? Does it stand to it’s reputation or is it just exaggerated?