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Hi Dolls! How was your weekend? Did you get to catch the Grammy’s last night? Did you see Beyoncé’s performance? Pretty spectacular! Did you see the outfits and the makeup and Adele?! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day… are you ready? I’m not going to stress you out over that, instead, I’m going to give you something to anticipate: Givenchy’s new Matissime Velvet Foundation!

Givenchy puts the light on matte skin with a beautiful texture and a smooth, glossy finish. It’s seems almost surreal that a matte and glossy finish can meet in the middle to create a flawless, natural looking skin. I guess there will be more to discuss about this foundation later in the spring.

The liquid foundation shades are: No.1 Mat Porcelain, No.2 Mat ShellNo.3 Mat SandNo.4 Mat Beige, and No.5 Mat Honey.

The compact foundations shades are: No.1 Mat PorcelainNo.2 Mat ShellNo.3 Mat SandNo.4 Mat BeigeNo.5 Mat Honey

The entire collection will be available in March and each will cost you in between $48.00 – $65.00.

I’ve read several review about this foundation as to how it’s helped some to get clearer skin and more even toned.  This also reminds me of Chanel’s Velvet Foundation, which seem very similar. This just means I have to go and swatch and make some comparisons once this is available!