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Hi! It’s Taco Tuesday, are you ready to eat some tacos? Because I am! Hehe, I’m always down to eating some tacos! I know that we all love a good lip gloss, add some metallic hues in them and they’re a hit! And that’s exactly what Bite Beauty has done!

Inspired by a trip to Tahiti, Bite Beauty’s founder, Susanne Langmuir, created six, Prismatic Pearl Crème Gloss lip shades. They offer gorgeous, pearlized color pay off, for a modern, foiled lip look. They’re formulated with lip-softening fruit butters and oils for a luxurious lip finish.

The shades are:
Gold – metallic gold with gold shimmer
Champagne Pearl – metallic champagne with nude and gold shimmer
Pink Pearl – metallic pink with red and pink shimmer
Rose Pearl – metallic rose with green and violet shimmer
Bronze Pearl – metallic bronze with gold and silver shimmer
Oyster Pearl – metallic taupe with silver shimmer
Peacock – metallic teal with black, red, and green shimmer

Each will cost you $22.00 and they are limited edition and you can get them now online at Bite or Sephora and local Sephora as well.

These actually remind me of Gerard Cosmetic’s matte metal liquid lipsticks! But because these are gloss I am most definitely going to swatch it because I fell in love with Gerard’s but my lips always hate me for it! Hopefully with this gloss things will be a lot different and my lips love it!