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Thursday! The day before Friday, which is the day that a lot of us just start to slack off a bit or not work as hard. More colors, more textures and finally, MAC is jumping on the metallic bandwagon of lipsticks!

But first….
MAC is coming to Ulta in June, you’ll be able to shop online on May 7 and browse all of the top items on my birthday(!) April 23rd! How exciting!

We’re having a molten moment! Cast your lips in new M∙A∙C Metallic Lips, lipstick for a trailblazing matte, metal-plated look. Rich colour melds with smooth pearlized chrome, and is available in a luxurious formula in a full spectrum of copper, bronze and titanium colour-infused shades. Vibrant, intense, explosive: A little alchemy goes a long way.

The shades are:
Metal Head – blackened purple with multi-coloured pearl
Act So Cool – deepened brown with gold metal pearl
Zerocool – metalized emerald green
Royal Hour – deep royal purple with blue pearl
Foiled Rose – brightened blue pink
Hades Fire – cool red burgundy
Pale Rose – cool muted neutral pink
Modern Midas – muted gold with pink and green duo pearl
Devotional – metallic purplish brown
Cold Front – frosted periwinkle blue
Silver Spoon – multidimensional silver
In Lust – light warm neutral
Digging for Gold – light brown with gold glitter
Jupiter – bronzed neutral
Pearly One – confetti’ed white frost
Disobedient – deep burgundy red wine
Nightly Ritual – blackened navy
Anything Once – blackened blue with multi-coloured pearl

Each will cost you $17.00 and they’re all available today!

I feel like MAC is a little behind on this trend because the metallic lipsticks have been out for quite a while and I feel like they’re playing catch up at the moment, don’t you think?