Happy Wednesday! Spring always makes me think of flowers, all shades of pinks, and beautiful jewel tones.  Enter Jouer and their new Spring collection!

Discover the staples of spring: blossom-inspired eye shadows and rose gold radiance for lips and cheeks from Jouer Cosmetics.

Springtime in Paris Palette
The shades for this gorgeous palette are:
Creme – warm creamy vanilla
Petal – cool ballet pink
Mauve – cool mauve
Aubergine – cool deep eggplant
True Gold – warm gold
Camel – warm light brown
Midnight – cool navy blue
Rouge – warm burgundy
Cinnamon – warm chestnut
Ash Brown – deep ash brown
Amethyst – warm purple
Slate – cool graphite blue

This palette will cost you $40.00.

Powder Highlighter
Long-Wear Lip Creme
Lip Topper
The highlight (far right) is in Rose Gold and it will cost you $24.00.
The Long-wear Lip Creme is in Rose Gold and the shade is deep rose gold with a metallic finish and it will cost you $18.00.
And Lip Topper is in Rose Gold and the shade is metallic rose gold and it will cost you $16.00.

The entire collection is available now at Jouer and at Beautylish!

I really like that palette! Oh my goodness it is gorgeous don’t you think?! Seriously, the entire collection is just plain gorgeous, it is really pretty, and just by looking at it, it makes me feel really girly and prim, and sassy!