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It’s Hump Day! Ah middle of the week, I get excited for Wednesdays, it just means that the weekend is a short two days away! With Summer technically here, we all look for products that have superior staying power and a new comer into the beauty world, Kat Von D, already proved to us that her Everlasting lippies are amazing, enter her new Everlasting lip liners!

Line, design and define with a lip liner unlike any other! Everlasting Lip Liner is the first of its kind to combine 24-hour, water-resistant wear with truly weightless color for super-comfy long wear. A full spectrum of 30 matte shades means endless possibilities, and a perfect match for all your fave KvD lipsticks! Choose from tried-and-true nudes, pinks and reds (including bestsellers “Lolita,” “Bow N Arrow,” “Vampira”), or get weird in fearless greens, blues and pops you can only expect from KvD!

It literally took Kat YEARS to perfect this exact formula—she just wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best! The result of such obsessive attention to detail? A lip liner that stands out from the rest for its instant gratification: Even the lightest stroke delivers saturated pigment, immediate dry down and effortless definition. And just like its liquid lipstick partner in crime (we’re talkin’ about you Everlasting Liquid Lipstick), this liner is so comfortable it feels like absolutely nothing. Say farewell to dryness, skipping and dragging for good! Imagine lip looks beyond your wildest dreams: The artistry is finally in YOUR hands!

The shades are:
Swanly – creamy nude
Kevvy – peach nude
Muse – blossom pink
Bow ‘n’ Arrow – fawn nude
Lovecraft – mauve pink nude
Lolita II – terra cotta nude
OG Lolita – original dusty rose
D-Minor – warm almond
Smiths – coral pink
Swoon – watermelon pink
Sexer – fluorescent pink
A-Go-Go – neon orange
X – vibrant cherry red
Outlaw – brick red
Rosary – deep ruby
Misfit – pure scarlet
Vampira – reddish burgundy
Por Vida – rosewood
Lolita – chestnut rose
Bloodmilk – rich oxblood
Homegirl – blackberry
Hawkwind – nude sienna
Crucifix – deep chocolate
Skully – raven black
Roxy – bright grape
LUV – rich violet
Coven – lavender
Satellite – electric blue
Poe – navy blue
Lemmy – rock ‘n’ roll green

Each will cost you $18.00 and they are available now online at Kat Von D and also at Sephora.

Ooh! Aren’t you excited!? If these liners are as good as the liquid lippies she has, she will have, hands down, the best lip essentials out in the market! Of course, I’ll go ahead and test these out for you this weekend and let you guys know how that worked out!