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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Just for clarification, today is not Mexico’s Independence Day 🙂 Finally it’s Friday and round two of Jazz Fest is happening as well. With a lot of us going on holiday vacations or just hanging out by the pool, or like me at festivals, we’re outside, in the sun. Not only does our skin become dryer, but also our lips! Enter MAC and their new Hint of Color Lip Oils!
These will feel just like a light lipstick with a touch of color and the moisture and shine of a lip gloss. According to your body temperature your lips will change the color once you choose any of the new Hint of Colour Lip Oil shades. They are just tailored to make your lips look charming.

The formula contains exclusive plants and nourishing essential oils, so you can apply it directly on your lips. It does a great job in repairing chopped and dehydrated lips in just seconds, layering a comfortable and non-sticky layer. It will give you that full lips look with an intense shine and a moisturizing sensation that promises to last for eight hours.

These oils are available now, although I’ve look everywhere online for the price and to see if you can order them from MAC online and they are still not available. So I’m going to assume, that the price of this will be anywhere in between $18.00 – $27.00.

I’ll have more detailed information about it tonight and I’ll update this post for you guys tomorrow to let you know what the actual price of them is and when exactly they’ll be available!

Other than that, I am really excited about these oils! As a person that always, and I mean always has to have either Aquafor lip treatments (my lips are always extremely dry/chapped, no matter how much water/hydration I drink/use) or Chapstick for my lips, I am very much looking forward to trying these out and hopefully it will become the salvation my lips need!