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Thursday! Or like how many like to say Thirsty Thursday! I’m sure you’ve heard of Wayne Goss, he’s an amazing makeup artist across the pond who has a great cult following, a great Youtube channel, and some pretty amazing makeup brushes.  Today, I bring you his newest brushes, The Eye Set!

Perfect eye makeup starts with perfectly crafted tools. Introducing The Eye Set, a set of five brushes designed by makeup artist Wayne Goss to bring out the best in your eye shadow. Updated with natural, undyed goat bristles and redesigned shapes, The Eye Set puts the power to create gorgeous eye looks—from a sultry smokey eye to a daring cut crease—in your hands.

Brush 16 – similar in shape to the best-selling Brush 03, this brush’s fluffy bristles sweep over the entire eyelid to deposit the perfect amount of product.
– Brush 17 – previously known as Brush 19, this brush does it all—from blending shadow deep into the crease of the eye to seamlessly concealing dark circles.
– Brush 18 – tailor-made for blending without any patchiness, Brush 18 diffuses harsh edges for smooth, seamless results in just a few swipes.
– Brush 19 – the slim shape and long, wispy bristles make Brush 19 a must-have tool for precise blending—especially on small and hooded eyes.
– Brush 20 – smudging and lining are just a few of the techniques you’ll master with this brush. Plush hairs get deep into the lashline without irritation.

The set will cost you $130.00 and it is part of the permanent collection and you can only get it at Beautylish online now.

Have you gotten your hands on any of his brushes?  Their price is a bit steep for sets, ranging from $130.00 all the way up to over $250.00. What makes these brushes so great is that they are hand made, they’re made out of goat hair, and cruelty-free.  I haven’t ordered any of his brushes because, not going to lie, yes they’re a bit expensive, but friends who have some of the brushes, LOVE them, and I’ve used the 03 Blending Brush, and it is slightly better than MAC’s 217 blending brush.  What do you think about these brushes?