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It’s pre-Friday! I can’t wait for this week to be over, it just has felt like it’s so long! But, Summer is here! Along with Summer being here, Bobbi Brown has given us a collection to Follow The Sun!

The sun’s back out, and Bobbi Brown is basking in its glow with the all-new Follow the Sun Collection, inspired by three of our favorite sun-soaked destinations: Antigua, Maui, and Santa Barbara. For a warm, all-over glow, there’s the new Glow Stick and limited edition Eye Gloss, plus limited edition shades of Illuminating Bronzing Powder, limited edition Lip Gloss, and our cult-favorite High Shimmer Lip Gloss. The next best thing to a tropical beach vacation is getting that summer sparkle all year long—rain or shine.

Illuminating Bronzing Powder – Limited Edition
This soft pressed powder, made with sheer mica powder and flat pearls, reflects light and enhances the natural glow of the skin. Comes with a limited-edition, debossed powder design.

The shades are:
Antigua – light pink bronze
Maui – pink coral bronze
Santa Barbara – pink nectar

Each will cost you $42.00.

Glow Stick
This ultralight formula glides effortlessly over skin to impart a natural, radiant glow on the complexion. Housed in an easy-to-use stick, the all-new Glow Stick is sunshine on-the-go and unlike the actual sun, these effects stay on at night, too.

The shades are:
Bikini – warm gold shimmer
Desert Sun – mauve brown
Island – warm golden shimmer
Island Plum – plum soft shimmer
Nude Beach – golden bronze shimmer
Sunkissed – golden brown shimmer

Each will cost you $36.00.

Lip Gloss – Limited Edition
Give lips a sunlit sheen with the conditioning Lip Gloss, formulated with aloe extract for soothing comfort. For a barely-there sheer pout, use Popsicle. For low-maintenance glamour, use one of the High Shimmer shades.

The shades are:
Citrus – high shimmer
Bare Sparkle – high shimmer

Each will cost you $31.00.

Eye Gloss – Limited Edition
This all-new liquid shadow formula glides on lids and delivers a glossy, high-shine finish. The non-sticky formula plays up eyes with fresh, sheer nudes and pinks that can be worn day or night.

The shades are:
Island Pink – soft pink
Beach Nude – soft nude beige
Nude – brownie nude

This will cost you $28.00.

The entire collection is available now at Bobbi Brown online, Sephora, Selfridges, and at Bloomingdale’s.

Ooh! How pretty is this collection?! I really love the blush in the Pink Coral Bronze, like I really, really love the shade of it. It reminds me of MAC’s Nymphette Lip Glass, which has been one of my all time favorite and always keep one in my makeup bag.  And the Glow Sticks?! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!