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Hello! It’s Wednesday! If you’ve been watching the news, you’re probably familiar with the fact that the South is in the path of Tropical storm Cindy.  So far, everything has been ok, yesterday it rained for over 10 hours straight! Today though, we’re supposed to get the full strength of the storm, so we’ll see how that goes. Brushes are an essential part of your makeup routine and Real Technique’s new PowderBlue brushes are going to elevate your makeup application!

Where did the inspiration come from? Blue squirrels. Yes, you read that right! But, rest assure, no blue squirrels were harmed when creating these brushes! Blue squirrels happen to have super shiny and soft hair.

The Powder Bleu collection simply aims to mimic their rare and luxurious coats.  The FauxBleu technology, as it’s being called, is based on the real fur, but the synthetic bristles work to blend, buff, and set powder products without messing up the rest of your makeup underneath. The six-piece collection consists of a powder brush for sweeping bronzers and highlighters across the face; a finishing brush for a diffused glow; a complexion brush for all your powder foundation needs; a shadow brush; a large kabuki brush for seamless blending, and a plush, velvety puff that’s perfect for loose powder formulas.

These brushes are specifically made for using powder products, so now you be worry free of looking cakey.

The brushes will be available July 1st at Real Techniques online and Ulta.

What do you guys think? I honestly love Real Technique’s brushes. Some of my favorite brushes in my kit and personal kit have at least 60% of Real Technique’s brushes. They’re awesome, I really love them! They just really work and they are not crazy expensive! How many Real Technique brushes do you have and will you be picking these up? I know I will!