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Yay! We survived another Monday! That’s a good thing! It only means 4 more days to go! Shsieido has always been one of those brands that I love to see new collections from because they’re always fun, sexy, and art inspiring. And this new collection is in collaboration with calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir and it focuses on precise application, smoth textures and deep colors!

Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner
Inspired by the ink used in Japanese calligraphy, Sumi ink, this intense, highly pigmented, water-resistant gel eyeliner lets you draw your desired lines effortlessly in one stroke. Defines bold or delicate lines without creasing, blurring, skipping or smudging. Achieve a perfectly smooth line that doesn’t fade.

The shades are: Empitsu GrayKon-ai BlueKuromitsu BrownNasubi PurpleShikkoku Black, and Shinrin Green.

Each will cost you $30.00.

Shiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Color
A cream eye color with a matte yet translucent finish for vibrant color with just one coat. This uniquely transparent, matte eyeshadow inspired by Japanese Washi paper delivers airy soft, rich color to lids in one coat. Comfortable texture in a crease-resistant formula. This unique cream eye color can be applied for a delicate, feather-light finish or layered for a bolder, more saturated pigment.

The shades are: Hisui GreenSango CoralShobu PurpleUsuzumi Beige GreyYamabukiNobara Pink, and Namiki.

Each will cost you $25.00.

Shideido Instroke Eyeliner Brush
An angled eyeliner brush with the perfect shape, stiffness, length and thickness for the ideal line each time you apply. Made in Japan, the brush applies desired lines from delicate to bold with a simple stroke and features an angled handle for ease and stability. Ideal for beginner or advanced application, the unique brush allows for easy application, even along the smallest areas around the eyes.

The brush will cost you $28.00.

The entire line is available now at Macy’s and at Shiseido online.

Ok, the gel liners and cream shadows are awesome and all, but are you looking at that eyeliner brush?!?! I don’t think I’ve seen a brush like this and I’m itching to get my wallet and purchase it right now! Of course, I’m going to go and see all the reviews on it, but still! It’s almost as if you’re using a felt-tip pen eyeliner but it’s a brush! I think Shiseido is on to something amazing and I can’t wait to try it. Don’t you think?