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Hey! It’s Monday, another fresh start to the week! How was your weekend? Mine was good, much needed rest for sure! Fall is around and all of our favorite brands are starting to release their Fall collections and I’m excited about Anastasia’s new collection!

Anastasia’s launching a new eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and liquid highlighters.

Subculture Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition
The shades are: CubeDawnDestinyAdornAll StarMercuryAxisRoxyElectricFudgeNew WaveUntamedEdge, and Rowdy.

Each palette will cost you $54.00.

These are some of the shades that have been listed, but the full range isn’t out yet. Shades are: BrandyBuffCobaltDreadDusty MauveGriffinInsomniacMidnightOrchidPeachyPlumeriaRageResin, RogueRosewoodRubySmokeStargazer, and Stevie.

Each will cost you $18.00.

Liquid Glow
The shades are Peach FizzOysterBronzed, and Pearl.  Each will cost you $25.00.

The palette will be available tomorrow online at Sephora.  Not sure if the entire collection will be available or not. These are all teaser photos of what’s to come. I’ve been seeing Amrezy all over with the “Pearl” Liquid Glow Highlight and they are freaking amazing! There will be more info released on this and as soon as I have it I’ll go ahead and post some more! But seriously, go to Anastasia’s IG, you won’t regret it!