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Hi there Friday! We’ve missed you! It seems like Summer is getting closer to it’s end with Fall trailing right behind. But our favorite beauty brands are still rolling out Summer palettes like MAC and their Girls Summer Collection palettes!

Whether you’re a Rockin’ Rebel, Mischief Minx, Fashion Fanatic, Basic Bitch, Prissy Princess or simply, unapologetically Power Hungry, shout it out! Our new Personality Palettes are designed for you. Featuring eight Eye Shadows and a Highlight in fresh colours to express the power and presence of your personality. Make up, speak out. Show the world who you really are.

Basic Bitch
The shades are:
Gameplayer – darkest black (creamy matte)
Hell In Heels – p
urple dark red (smooth pearl)
Big White Lie – b
lackened grey (smooth pearl)
Text Me Later – mid-tone grey (satin shine)
Me Me Me – v
ery light cool grey (smooth pearl)
Ms. Personality – g
rey with silver/green gold pearl (satin shine)
Tattle-Tale – c
ool grey with pink pearl (foil)
Sly Girl – g
rape purple with silver pearl (foil)
Love This Bitch – s
ilver pink highlighter (opalescent)

Prissy Princess
The shades are:
Prissy Princess – shell grey (creamy matte)
Sweet Tart – s
himmery pale pink (satin shine)
Eternal Optimist – s
himmery cool brown (satin shine)
Good Girl & U Know It – g
reyed neutral brown (satin shine)
Too Good To Be True – c
ool mid-tone brown with silver pearl (foil)
Fabness – t
aupe grey (smooth pearl)
Spoil Yourself – d
ark brown (creamy matte)
Colour Me Spoiled – v
ery light pink (creamy matte)
She’s A Rainbow – r
ose pink with silver highlighter (opalescent)

Power Hungry
The shades are:
Totally Obsessed – light neutral (creamy matte)
Bling Mistress – m
id-tone neutral beige (creamy matte)
Hot To Trot – g
reyed beige with silver pearl (satin shine)
Something’s Fishy – m
uted golden beige (foil)
Bossing It – w
arm bronze (satin shine)
Money Mad – p
eachy neutral beige (smooth pearl)
Win Some Lose Some – d
ark brown with silver pearl (foil)
Dangerously Elegant – d
arkened brown with green/gold pearl (satin shine)
Gimmie That! – l
ight yellow gold highlighter (opalescent)

Mischief Minx
The shades are:
V Frisky – muted gold (foil)
Natural Tease – b
right yellow gold frost (foil)
She-Nanigans – r
eddish copper frost (foil)
Flaming Femme – d
arkened clay red (creamy matte)
Schemer – d
ark brown (creamy matte)
Mischief Minx – b
right orange frost (satin shine)
Totally Trouble – b
lackened purple (creamy matte)
Been There, Done That – d
arkened brown with gold pearl (satin shine)
Stride of Pride – g
olden rose highlighter (opalescent)

Rockin’ Rebel
The shades are:
Blk-Ish – navy blue (smooth pearl)
Bikers & Babes – t
eal blue with silver pearl (foil)
Bleached Out – f
rost white (foil)
Rockin’ Rebel – j
ade green (satin shine)
Gilty As Can Be – b
ronzed gold frost (foil)
Denim Genes – c
erulean blue (satin shine)
Mega-Moody – c
ool silver frost (foil)
Bad Influence – d
ark grey (creamy matte)
Let It Rock – l
ight gold (opalescent)

Fashion Fanatic
The shades are:
Shop Shop Shop – berry pink (satin shine)
Wild Card – d
ark purple (creamy matte)
Mad Mod – r
ose pink with silver pearl (foil)
Fashion Fanataic – b
right red fuchsia (satin shine)
Totally Fierce – p
eachy pink (satin shine)
Outfitted – l
ight peach with silver pearl (foil)
Style & Influence – c
reamy lilac purple (smooth pearl)
On The Hip Side – l
ight cool beige (smooth pearl)
Must Have It – r
ose gold (opalescent)

Each of these palettes is going to cost you $39.50 and they will be available on August 3rd (less than a week!) online an at select MAC stores – so make sure to check your local MAC!

I actually played with all of these palettes two days ago and I have to say that I like them all but my favorite one is Rockin’ Rebel and Mischief Minx the shades just have my name written all over it. Of course I do like Basic Bitch only because it says Basic Bitch LOL, 😉 I mean the shades are nice too, but it’s the packaging that won me over!