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Hi! Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to have candy handy! I remember trick-or-treating really late when I was young, like 8p late, now, kids are trick-or-treating at like 6-7p and I feel like that’s too early and not in the spirit of Halloween 🙂 Times change! If you don’t know about ColourPop then it means that you’re not connected to social media and therefore missing out on a lot of great products and this collection will be available at Sephora!

Golden State of Mind Shadow Palette
Inspired by the place ColourPop calls home, Golden State of Mind features 15 exclusive Pressed Powder Shadows. This unique formula gives multidimensional luster and shine to the eyes with one-stroke metallic intensity.

The shades are:
Pay The Piper – icy blue
Girlfriend – p
ink with violet glitter
Uptight – r
ose gold
Sparkler – s
ilvery bronze
Can’t Stop – i
cy champagne ivory
Golden Egg – p
inky beige with turquoise glitter
Unsupervised – p
ink champagne
Lust In Time – m
edium cool rose
Zero Clue – v
ibrant warm yellow
Mind Tricks – i
cy blackened purple
Watch Out – g
olden ivory with pink glitter
Wing Woman – r
ed brown with green and gold glitter
Heads Or Tales – ic
y cranberry
Drizzle – i
cy baby pink
Tinker Time – b
lackened antique gold with blue glitter

Each palette will cost you $26.00.

Semi-Precious Shadow Palette
Inspired by star stuff and celestial lights, Semi Precious features eight super pigmented pressed powder shadows in a metallic finish. The formula applies evenly and feels ultra-velvety. These long-wearing shadows contain a unique combination of softer powders that adhere easily to the eyes, give a soft focus effect, and blend smoothly.

The shades are: Upon a Star, Beam Me Up, Bashful, The Game, Celestial, West Star, Up & Atom, Easy Go.

Each will cost you $26.00.

Legit AF Super Shock Highlighter Trio
Featuring three of ColourPop’s bestselling Super Shock Highlighter shades, this long-wearing cream-powder cheek formula has a unique bouncy-like texture that is extremely buildable. It blends smoothly to leave the cheeks looking healthy.

The shades are: Wisp, Over The Moon, and Spoon

Each set will cost you $24.00.

Polite AF Super Shock Shadow Collection
The unique formula of ColourPop’s bestselling Super Shock Shadows has a bouncy-like texture that is super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one-swipe intensity with zero fallout.

The shades are: Sequin, Stero, Birthday Girl, Birthday Cake, Drift, and Deep Dive

Each set will cost you $30.00.

Feelin’ Fine Lip Gloss Trio
Feelin’ Fine features three Ultra Glossy Lips in exclusive duo chrome shades. ColourPop’s lip glosses provide extreme shine with a cushion-like feel and no stickiness. They smooth and condition the lips, leaving them looking fuller and healthier.

The shades are: Fairy Me, Obviously, and Lay-Z

Each set will cost you $18.00.

You’re A Gem Lip Trio
Featuring mixed finish liquid lips, You’re a Gem includes go-to shades for any occasion. The Ultra Satin Lip formula is super long wearing and contains emollient ingredients for added moisture, keeping lips looking fresh and feeling super comfortable. The Ultra Glossy Lip provides extreme shine with a cushion-like feel and no stickiness. This gloss smooths and conditions the lips and leaves them looking fuller and healthier.

The shades are:
Catching Feels – dusty brick red (ultra satin lip)
Misbehaving – violet fuchsia (ultra satin lip)
Charming – gold with gold and pink glitter (ultra glossy lip)

Each set will cost you $18.00.

Amber Crystal Bundle

Infused with nourishing plant extracts and real crushed amber, this bundle will bring a radiant glow and a calming energy to your beauty routine. The Amber Crystal Setting Spray sets makeup into place for all-day wear, and contains powerful antioxidant ingredients like green and white tea, mango flower, vitamin C, and maritime ingredients. The Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter is a lightweight formula loaded with crystals and pearls to give your skin an opalescent, radiant glow. The Amber Crystal Balm is a nourishing, moisturizing, opalescent lip balm that’s loaded with vitamin E and real crystals to give your lips some sparkle and shine.

You get Amber Cystal Setting Spray, Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter, and Amber Crystal Lip Balm

Each set will cost you $20.00.

Super Shock Shadow
The shades are:
Bouncy – cool-tone bronze with gold and violet duo chrome
Revolution – silvery mauve with pink and silver glitter
Fluffy – warm-gold with subtle pink duo chrome Each will cost you $5.00.

The entire collection is available starting TODAY at Sephora!

If you’ve never tried ColourPop, today would be a good time to give it a try. The super affordable brand, which by the way, is the same parent company is the Kylie Lip Kits (and a lot of their liquid lipsticks are dupes of ColourPop original formulas, just named differently) has super pigmented eyeshadows that are just freaking amazing! Not only that but the entire ColourPop products are amazing and priced super low as well!