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Hi! It’s Friday! The weekend is here, and it is also a holiday weekend so the extra day is very much welcome! Especially since everyone around me is either sick or getting sick plus this crazy cold front is descending on us is no joke, again. So instead, I’m going to think of Naples, Italy because Lucia Pica translated the colors in her home to Chanel’s new Neapolis: New City collection!

Lucia Pica paints a portrait of her hometown, Naples, through a palette of smoldering and luminous shades of green, yellow, gold, red and black for an explosive look.

Les 9 Ombres Multi-Effects Eyeshadow Palette
This limited-edition palette created by Lucia Pica is inspired by the frescoes of Pompeii and features nine longwearing shades in a combination of bold colours and neutral tones, with matte to satin powder finishes. This soft-texture formula allows for effortless application and seamless blending for an endless variety of looks. The palette includes matte-finish shades in peachy-pink, mink brown, and faded grey-green, along with satin-finish shades in turquoise blue-green, bright green, luminous peachy-beige, gold, dark rusty red-brown, and bronze grey-blue. Includes two dual-ended sponge applicators.

This palette will cost you $70.00.

Lip Balm & Powder Duo
This limited-edition duo features a colourful matte powder that can be worn alone or mixed with the moisturizing balm for a blurred, artistic effect on both cheeks and lips, with as much or as little intensity as desired. The lightweight balm is formulated with Hydratendre Complex to smooth, moisturize and protect skin. Compact includes two brushes for easy application.

The shades are: Rosso PompeianoRosso Parthenope, and Rosa Tempera

Each will cost you $37.00.

Joues Contraste Powder Blush
This new shade is Foschia Rosa and each will cost you $45.00.

Ombre Premiere
The new shade available is Verderame and each will cost you $36.00.

Rouge Allure & Allure Velvet
The new Allure shades are Entusiasta and Eterea (far two right) and Vibrante and Incantevole (far two left). Each will cost you $37.00.

Rouge Allure Velvet
The new shades are L’Aristocatica and L’Indomabile and each will cost you $37.00.

Rouge Coco Gloss
The new shades are SibyllaParthenopeAphrodite, and Poppea. Each will cost you $30.00.

Le Vernis
The new shades are Nuvola RosaVerde PastelloGiallo Napoli, and Arancio Vibrante.  Each will cost you $28.00.

The entire collection is now available at Chanel, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and your high end department stores.

What do you think of the collection? I’m not fully enchanted but I am still very much attracted to the palette and those rich colors. I like them, a lot. But the problem with the shades is that they’re shades that you most likely already have, and probably in the same finish. What is really freaking cool though is the Lip Balm and Powder Duo! The whole innovation of it really has caught my attention. I just hope that they widen the range of shades!