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Happy Friday! Another week has past by, Spring arrived, it’s still cold, and I am patiently just waiting on true Spring weather, hopefully this weekend the temperatures warm up a bit! We all love Bobbi Brown and her cosmetics line, I mean, they’re a cult favorite and you can’t deny how amazing it is. Her new palette Crystal Drama is here and if you’ve ever loved a good smokey eye, this is for you!

This limited-edition eye palette is packed with silky, pigment-rich shadows in soft matte, shimmery, glittery, and metallic finishes. Mix, match and layer them as the mood strikes—there’s no getting it wrong.

The shades are:
Porchelain – soft pink-white
Beach Pink – soft pink shimmer
Moonlight Silver – silver-white shimmer
Pink Lily – soft lilac shimmer
Dusty Lilac – pale-pink mauve
Eggplant – deep purple
Cognac – shimmering deep plum
Twilight Pink – soft pink-rose shimmer
Rose Gold – golden pink
Tiger’s Eye – copper shimmer
Toast – toasted peach
Candlelight – beige-gold shimmer

The palette is available exclusively at Sephora and it will cost you $59.00.

I really like this palette and the reason being is because it really took me back to when I used to play with my mom’s palette, I remember it clearly because it was my favorite, an Elizabeth Arden palette, and the shades are almost identical! It really took me back to when I would try and copy the looks she would create. Of course, that was decades ago, but the memory was good one to remember 🙂