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Hello there! What can I say, we’ve reached the middle of the week once again and I’m sure many are sighing a bit that the week is almost over. How’s that weather treating you? Don’t worry, I’m tired of it too. With everyone anticipating real Spring and Summer, Puma has teamed up with MAC to bring us a collection like no other!

M∙A∙C joins forces with PUMA to introduce three special-edition Suede sneakers in the hues of our most legendary Lipsticks. Kick back with the sweet peachy beige of Crème d’Nude, the dramatic coral red of Lady Danger, or the daring burgundy of Sin as they take their place on sneakers steeped in old-school cool. Beauty meets movement to create style that will always move us.

Lady Danger
This is a coral-red shade, it’s suede on the shoes and it’s matte on your lips!

Creme d’Nude
This is a peach beige shade on your shoes and matte on your lips.

This is a deep blue red sneaker and matte on your lips.

The collection will be available in May and each will cost you $90.00. Once the date has been released I’ll update you as well.

What do you think of the old school Puma teaming up with MAC?! I really, really love Creme d’Nude! The shade on the shoes look amazing and I can see myself wearing them all the time with everything! What do you think of Lady Danger? The color is true to the shade! But I know that Sin is going to be a very popular one, and can guarantee you that it will sell out a lot sooner than the other two, why? Because they are just dope! The shade is pretty unique and I don’t know, I just love how bad ass they look!