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Hi there! I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed every single bit of it! I’ve been writing on this blog for quite some years now and I enjoy it, love it, it’s a passion blog, and like many things that we love change is inevitable. For quite some time I’ve been wanting to change this blog but I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted this to be. After a few months of really thinking about it, in honor of my birthday, you’re the first to know that Haute Makeup, will no longer be just a makeup blog. In the coming weeks I’ll be changing the entire layout of the blog and making it into something similar to a lifestyle blog. There’s just so much more than just makeup that I want to share my thoughts on, that creating a new one just wasn’t what I wanted. It’ll be fun, inspiring, and I’m hoping to be much more engaged on here as well as on Instagram. There might be some days where there are no posts, but feel free to check out the archives! With that said, lets move on to some exciting news: MAC x Aaliyah is coming in the Summer!!!

After years of petitioning MAC to come out with an Aaliyah collection, we now have the release date of June 20 and some awesome sneak peaks of what the collection will be!

How exciting! I am really exciting about the collection! The shades are just colors that Aaliyah was known to wear, all nudes and some reds. The line will cost in the ranges from $18.00-$36.00.  June 20th needs to get here soon!

What do you guys think of the collection?! This has been a collection long time coming! Many of Aaliyah’s hard core fans have been campaigning for this collections for years and the fact that it finally is happening is just amazing! Are you going to be picking up the collection? I know I will, and just like Selena’s collection, these too are just going to sit in their packaging and be observed only.