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Happy 4/20! Also, happy Friday! This week was slow, hot and cold, and it just took it’s time to get here. I’m happy it took it’s time but at the same time I was ready for this week to be over. If you’ll be celebrating 4/20, make sure that you stay hydrated and not just by drinking water, your skin will need the hydration too! And lastly, it is officially Taurus season!!! And to celebrate that Bite Beauty has released the Taurus lipstick!

Wear your star sign on your lips with Astrology by BITE, an ultra-limited-edition collection featuring a new shade ofaward-winning Amuse Bouche Lipstick for each sign of the zodiac. New for this month is Taurus, the fourth shade in the collection, which is made with the same pure pigments and mouthwatering ingredients, such as fresh-pressed citrus, botanical oils, and resveratrol (an antioxidant found in red wine), for incredible vibrancy and bold dimension.Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by the planet of love, Venus. Sleepy, sensual Taurus is enamored with everyday luxuries: Flowers, chocolate, and all the finer things in life are essential to beauty-loving bulls. Find them running a florist shop, decorating and re-decorating their stylish abodes, or whipping up a delish new dish.

The shade is Taurus and it is a muted-white chocolate rose it’s going to cost you $26.00 and you can get it at Bite Beauty online and at Sephora.

I really like this shade! It’s a bit more mauvy, but we all know that sometimes a picture doesn’t do justice to the original product. I’ll be swatching this and most likely purchase it just to have. What do you think of the shade?