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It’s another glorious day! Good morning everyone, how many tacos will you be enjoying today? I’m hoping I’ll have at least two! We all love a good lippie, and these new liquid lippies from Guerlain will make you want to actually just purchase these and use them ask art pieces for your vanity! 

Guerlain has invented its first customize lipstick with a double mirror: Rouge G de Guerlain. Choose your shade and case to create your own lipstick. Choose your shade from a wide range of shades, from the most nude to the most extravagant, to meet your every wish. Choose your case from a multitude of styles, from the most timeless to the trendiest, along with limited editions, to collect endlessly!

For this exceptional lipstick, Guerlain has sealed intense colour and luscious lip care into a jewel formula. Enriched with plant-based polymers and silver microcrystals with a reflective power, this exceptional formula beautifully enhances lips, cloaking them in intense and luminous long-lasting colour. Jojoba and mango butter help to nourish lips, offering them instant and lasting comfort. Hyaluronic acid and gugul resin help to smooth and plump up lips.

Rouge G Cases are going to cost you $15.00 each and you have:
The Original – original case
Romantic Boheme rose gold-tinted shell
Parure GOld – yellow gold tone
K-Doll – p
erfect powder pink
Neon-ista – fuchsia
Very Batik – k
awaii but chic
G*psy Folk – f
French Mademoiselle – d
otted Swiss design
Minimal Chic – w
hite marbelized effect
Neo-Gothic – b
lack marbelized effect
Preppy Chic – chic
 ivory “leather” effect
Miam Glam – p
ink “leather” effect
Perfect Black – b
lack “leather” effect
Wild Jungle – r
ed “crocodile” effect
Exotic Safari – b
lack “python” effect

The shades are:
NO. 214 – ultimate red
NO. 520 – pink revealed on contact
NO. 777 – pure gold, top coat
NO. 02 – rosewood
NO. 41 – coral
NO. 74 – deep violet
NO. 72 – shocking pink
NO. 70 – bright rose
NO. 73 – truly vibrant pink
NO. 555 – oxblood
NO. 111 – green
NO. 03 – light rosewood
NO. 06 – warm rosewood
NO. 21 – cherry red
NO. 22 – bright red
NO. 23 – dark cherry
NO. 25 – flaming red
NO. 28 – coral red
NO. 42 – flaming orange
NO. 43 – orange coral
NO. 45 – orange red
NO. 62 – antique pink
NO. 65 – pearly rosewood
NO. 67 – deep pink
NO. 71 – intense pink
NO. 77 – light pink
NO. 78 – plum
NO. 888 – rosy, top coat
NO. 333 – blue, top coat
NO. 999 – white light, top coat

Each refill will cost you $32.00 and they are permanent.

The entire collection is available now at Guerlain and Sephora only and on May 1st it will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s.

What do you guys think? I really love the casing!!! Aren’t they freaking cool?! This is something that I would totally get and just keep a few on my vanity as decoration and really just as something really cute and unique to give to a loved one who loves some really cool lipsticks or just is a lipstick aficionado! Remember, Mother’s Day is coming around the corner… along with my birthday! 😉