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Hi Dolls! It’s finally, probably, one of my favorite weeks of the year: Thanksgiving week! And it’s not because of the food, it’s because of the families coming together. And the food. Plus, with the holidays, it means glam makeup, and glam also means bold lashes, and MAC is here to give us bold natural lashes!

Pump up your mascara! We carry the False Lashes Maximizer one, a new treatment for eyelashes, which maintains, primed and enhanced. The innovative primer wraps each lash in nourishing ingredients that help to make your lashes lush and look intense, before applying your mascara. It is a hidden super power? The ultra-compacted formula in combination with the plush-’em-up process of the unique dual-great brush is responsible for a look of trendy wrong, but real looks.

The mascara launches on December first and it will cost you in between $17.00 to $22.00.

Let me explain something: my lashes are bourgeois, ok, they really are. Unless the mascara is waterproof my lashes won’t have anything to do with it. With that said, I have to sincerely say that I have not tried any or majority of the mascaras that I’ve written about because most of the brands that come out with them don’t carry waterproof versions of it, so I can’t reap and enjoy the many benefits that some of you have been able to do. But I will say this: as a makeup artist, I’ve had the opportunity to use this mascara on my clients and it does a really good job! I was surprised the first because of how good the lashes looked, and I thought it was just on this particular client, but the more I kept using it on other clients, the same results were had, so, this is a good mascara! Give it a try!


P.s. I’ll have the video up for you guys tomorrow for the glam look II!