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Hi! Today I woke up thinking “I bet you it’s nice and warm outside” then when I walked outside I was greeted with a chilly breeze. It’s ok though, we’re in pretty much in the middle of April, 2 weeks for my birthday, and warmer temperatures are still far away from us. What isn’t far away, it’s Becca’s new Shimmering Skin Perfector!

Introducing Dreamsicle—a soft tangerine shade wrapped in a vanilla and gold pearl swirl. Let this creamy, dreamy highlight melt into your skin for an unparalleled glow.

The shade is in Dreamsicle which is a soft tangerine with vanilla and gold swirl.

Each will cost you $38.00 it is limited edition and it is a Sephora exclusive only!

I can see myself wearing this, but not only just on my face, I would apply this on my shoulders, neck, decolletage, pretty much on any part of exposed skin to give me a nice, subtle sun-kissed glow!